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Moving Through Walls eBook

The Four Foundations To Living Your Best Life

de Israel Ellis

idioma: inglês
editor: MTW Press, janeiro de 2019

Each of us has the capacity for greatness. The sum total of all your experiences in life has brought you to a place to realize your greatest self. So what’s stopping you? The answer lies within. The only thing standing between you and your greatness is understanding your unique path.

Moving Through Walls contains practices, philosophies, attitudes, and anecdotes that will challenge your assumptions and inspire you to commit to new, transformational practices. Drawing on his life story of overcoming a dysfunctional childhood to realize his personal and entrepreneurial life dreams, author Israel Ellis takes us on a journey to explore how we limit ourselves when instead we can optimize our potential.  Building on four foundational principles, Israel provides the tools needed to help you move through walls to live your best life.

This book is for everyone! It will leave you feeling empowered and motivated to become your best self.

Are you ready to finally answer the question of what you really want in life?

The journey starts here.

Moving Through Walls

The Four Foundations To Living Your Best Life

de Israel Ellis

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ISBN: 9781999010522
Editor: MTW Press
Data de Lançamento: janeiro de 2019
Idioma: Inglês
Tipo de produto: eBook
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Classificação temática: Gifts e Lazer > Literatura > Biografias
EAN: 9781999010522