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idioma: inglês, português
editor: TAYLOR & FRANCIS INC, outubro de 2006

"Handbook of Forensic Pathology: Second Edition" provides a more concise treatment of forensic pathology for use by pathology students, pathologists, forensic scientists, forensic technicians, attorneys, as well as other professionals in the criminal justice field. This new second edition presents core principles in an outline format that allows for rapid assimilation to the topics. It features contributors who are among the nation's foremost authorities on gunshot wounds and forensic pathology.

It addresses problems and questions that commonly arise during instruction of pathology students. This text also includes numerous tables that allow for quick referencing of important information.

Handbook of Forensic Pathology

2 Rev Ed

de Vincent J.M. Dimaio M.D., Suzanna E. Dana M.D., Suzanna E. Dana e Vincent J. M. DiMaio

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ISBN: 9780849392870
Data de Lançamento: outubro de 2006
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