Wild Horses eBook

The Blue Flower

de Thais Marin e Mario De Lima

editor: Scortecci, agosto de 2014
Mark and Bristy are inseparable friends and their hearts are bonded by the great love they feel for horses. Mark and Florencia are brother and sister and they live on their parents’ farm, where they play and share experiences with Bristy, a descendant of Cherokee Indians. The life of these three teenagers will change dramatically with the disappearance of Bristy, who takes Mark’s favorite horse along with him. On a fantastic journey, the little Cherokee will get to know the ways of his ancestors and will have to face up to unimaginable hazards in order to carry out a mission that will be revealed to him little by little. Magnificent wild winged horses will guide the little Cherokee on his adventure, one that will mean much more to him than his passage to adult life.

Wild Horses

The Blue Flower

de Mario De Lima e Thais Marin

ISBN: 9788567443188
Editor: Scortecci
Ano: 2014
Idioma: Português do Brasil
Páginas: 160
Tipo de produto: eBook
Formato: ePUB i
Classificação temática: eBooks em Português > Literatura > Ficção
EAN: 9788567443188