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The Classic Grill - A Tale Of Greek Gods And Immigrant Heroes eBook

de Nancy Econome

idioma: inglês
editor: Kafeneon Productions, junho de 2020

In Vallejo, California as World War II begins, hard-headed Greek-immigrant Achilles Pappayannis is the owner of the successful restaurant The Classic Grill and has big dreams of creating an elegant national restaurant chain. Achilles demands the help of his first-born son Demo who has no passion for restaurant work, vowing instead to become an actor of ancient Greek drama. As it becomes apparent Demo is gay, Achilles is deeply ashamed and increasingly outraged. Second son George, the narrator of the story, is desperate to become his father’s business partner but Achilles completely overlooks his enthusiasm and culinary talent. Chrisoula, wife and mother, is conflicted as her dream of an unbreakable family crumbles before her eyes. Each character in the Pappayannis family must weigh personal aspirations against the love he or she holds for the family and the rift their desires will surely cause. Achilles must learn to open his heart and accept his sons and their American dreams – but will it be too late to save the family, his marriage and The Classic Grill?

The Classic Grill - A Tale Of Greek Gods And Immigrant Heroes

de Nancy Econome

Propriedade Descrição
ISBN: 9781734428810
Editor: Kafeneon Productions
Data de Lançamento: junho de 2020
Idioma: Inglês
Tipo de produto: eBook
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Classificação temática: Literatura Ficção
EAN: 9781734428810